For the Health of People and Planet

The word Biosynomics means the study of biodynamic synergies. This new field encompasses a vast set of potential research and educational goals; essentially, we study or support the study of any subject that relates to the health of living beings and the performance of integrated systems that support life.

The broad approach is intentional. Our ambition at Biosynomics Institute is to promote sustainability. That is, we want to organize our efforts around worthy projects that promote human longevity and long-term wellbeing for as many of us as possible. That means that we must understand and pay attention to the systems that support life on earth and we must recognize and react appropriately to threats from wherever they originate.

Our species is distinguished by an impressive set of unique achievements, most of which are generally beneficial or benign. A few of our professed successes are, in fact, dreadful failures and Biosynomics Institute aims to promote research and education that calls attention to our missteps and helps us realign our behavior to the true north of sustainability—not through strife, but through exposing truth.

We are not a political organization, but our aim is to do research that can inform policy decisions. Our contributions will be measured by how many human minds agree with the solutions we promote, so we come equipped with data and expert analysis, yet also with compassion for those whose lives might be altered by new approaches. We hold the power of example in great esteem. Thus, we are project oriented.

Historically, improving humanity has rarely, if ever, been accomplished with blunt-force implements, but rather with instruments of gentle persuasion and sincere intentions. Honesty appears to be a better instrument than deceit, freedom appears to be superior to servitude, and science gets us farther than dogma. Statements like these form the foundation of our philosophy and are the impetus for our research endeavors and educational programs.

Biosynomics Institute is a participatory organization and we welcome the talents of others. We will soon be filling positions on our Scientific Advisory Board and our Citizen Advisory Board, so feel free to contact us if you feel passionate about goals we share.

There are many ways to form a synergy with our planet—to give back what one has received from nature—including, of course, humanity. You can volunteer your time and talents in return for knowledge, training, and invaluable social connections; you can donate money and know that your career labors directly benefit a long-term strategy for human persistence and wellbeing; you can donate materials to help build infrastructure; or you can contribute brilliant ideas. Biosynomics Institute welcomes your contributions, whether physical, financial, or philosophical.

Be a part of the action. Contact us and let us know how you would like to get involved.