Get Involved with Biosynomics

There are Many Ways to Form a Synergy with Our Planet

Biosynomics Institute welcomes the involvement of competent, caring individuals and organizations. It is our mission to make a difference in the science and practice of human sustainability. If this mission interests you, join our effort to organize and implement solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing humanity.

We are now filling positions on our Scientific and Citizen Advisory Boards, so feel free to contact us if you feel passionate about goals we share.

Below are a few ways that you can support sustainability through Biosynomics Institute.


Biosynomics Institute Welcomes Your Contributions, Whether Physical, Financial, or Philosophical

VolunteerVolunteer a Biosynomics Institute

You can volunteer your time and talents in return for knowledge, training, and invaluable social connections. We are a participatory, project-oriented organization, so there are always ways that you can donate your talents. Keep an eye on our calendar for opportunities to join a project. Or read more below about joining the Biosynomics team.

Fund Our Efforts

You can provide financial support and know that your daily labors directly benefit a long-term strategy for human persistence and wellbeing. Your donations are, of course, tax deductable.

Donate Materials

You can also donate materials to help build infrastructure. Biosynomics Institute is dedicated to the renew-reuse-recycle philosophy, so we are interested in acquiring building materials that have been previously used, and we are interested in giving "junk" a new life in lasting constructions.

Contribute Ideas

Contribute your brilliant ideas. We face daunting problems in our quest to help humanity turn things around on planet Earth. There is no time to waste and no time to dismiss possible solutions. Biosynomics seeks solutions that do not involve undue human suffering. We are interested in ideas that solve human problems while solving humanity's problems. If you think in innovative and benevolent ways, we need you. You are rare and time is short.


Are We Right for Each Other?

The Biosynomics mission is broad, and we need to assemble a diverse and talented team. Talent doesn't discriminate about the bodies it resides in, and we don't either. Character and individuality are valued in our organization. We are looking for individuals with well developed talents and skills, as well as those willing to learn and grow. There are, however, a few things we unapologetically discriminate about.


Diversity of Views

We seek to partner with people and organizations that represent a true diversity of perspectives. Our aim is to build bridges between individuals that differ from each other in all the important ways, and between groups that imagine different solutions to the world's problems, yet operate on the principles of civility, compassion, and goodwill.

Passion and forthrightness are abundantly welcomed in our community, but violence and agression are not tolerated, nor is a victim mentality. We believe in and celebrate individuals, not groups or intersections. Identity politics and group-centrism are not part of a sustainable solution to problems of environmental health, nor are other divisive philosophies at all helpful. We seek individuals that value and defend freedom of speech and expression, liberty, rational inquiry, and diversity of viewpoint, yet are charitable and respectful to those who hold alternative views.

Because we appreciate the value of different fundamental worldviews, we want conservatives and liberals at the table. We understand that liberals represent the fearless (somtimes impulsive) adventurers, the explorers of new possibilities, while the conservatives care about safety, stability, and proven systems. There are heros on both sides and we want them on our team. Human problems cannot be solved without cooperation where alliances have proven challenging.

Openmindedness is essential. If you utter the phrases "you can't change my mind about this" or "the science is settled in this area," your philosophy is at odds with that of Biosynomics. We value evidence over authority, and dialog over dogma. We seek to improve our grasp of reality through conversation and education, and we never assume that we have discovered all the answers.


Conservation Oriented

There are conservationists in every walk of life, even among philosophies that recoil at the label "conservationist." We know many of them, personally. Conservation is about wanting the world to remain habitable and comfortable for people and other species and, in our experience, this goal is held by almost everyone. While there are those who long for an end to humanity (usually coupled with their own salvation), we emphatically reject such radicle and pathological philosophies. This is not to say that we discriminate on the basis of spiritual tradition. We welcome all who feel the spirit of peace, no matter what their explanation for it's cosmic origin. To turn the tide of environmental degradation, we need individuals of all human traditions to join together in solidarity to work toward common interests.


Personal Ethics

Emotional intelligence is at the top of our "Important" list. We are commited to maintaining a peacful environment within our organization. Combative, aggressive, and hyper-confrontational individuals are not welcomed among us. We have observed that emotionally skilled individuals tend to be highly competent in other areas as well. Those who feel the need to minimize, unjustly criticize, diminish, or harm others may be highly compitent in a technical sense, but we can do without them. This attitude, whether it be held by an individual or a nation is what we are struggling against in our quest for equitable sustainability. Indeed, ignorance is another foe of our mission, but there is a cure for ignorance among those with a genuine interest in learning.

We seek individuals who understand the value of life-long learning, personal responsibility, the contributions and talents of others, teamwork, and honesty. We find that individuals who show appreciation for others almost always have reason to appreciate themselves. These individuals are able to recognize the worth in others because they recognize it in themselves. They value their own integrity, and insist that others hold to standards of civility and personal responsibility. If this sounds like you, we want to know you. If you have not yet fully achieved this level of goodwill but truly aspire to, we welcome your involvement. Authentic benevolence is not easily mastered, but we are teachers of such skills.

We value mutualism over competitiveness. There is a place for competition in the struggle against adversity, but it is not a positive dynamic in a team or organization. Biosynomics is a cooperative and collaborative enterprise and this philosophy is not merely a matter of organizational policy. Cooperation is among the most important skills we posess. The better humans cooperate, the better society becomes.

We hold to the philosophy that everyone should contribute what they can and be compensated according to their contribution. We believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome, but we also hold that no compitent contributor deserves vastly more than another. Our enterprises are, therefore structured as democratic cooperatives, with ownership residing in the hands of the workers. If you are interested in cooperative ventures related to sustainability, contact us to learn about our upcoming ventures.


Be Ready to Get Things Done

We value progress, and we have worthy goals to progress toward. Our aspirations involve intellectual pursuits as well as physical labors. Some of the work we do requires the kind of physical exertion that older generations appreciate, and we honor the spirit of hard work. But when the work is done, there are celebrations to have, games to play, places to explore, and wonderous things to learn.

Healthy humans are happiest when they have a sense of purpose. At Biosynomics Institute, we have an abundance of noble purpose to stand behind. We aspire to improve the human condition by adressing health at all levels.

The conservation ethic demands that we abandon certain toxic and destructive shortcuts. The payoff will be a clean environment, but this ethic often demands physical labor. We are commited to doing the work, while also innovating to lighten the load. Our engineers and imagineers are focused on sustainable energy and carbon neutral solutions to common problems. We welcome those with the gifts of creativity and innovativeness.


Be Ready to Improve Your Health

Health is our most precious asset and health is fundamental to all we do at Biosynomics Institute. We conceptualize health in a unique way--as the optimal functioning of complex systems--so we are focused on prevention of disease, rather than treating symptoms of a disordered system. Medical interventions can be life-saving, but they are unnecessary when biological systems operate optimally. We have transformed the health of many people through clean diet choices, elimination of toxic exposures, and appropriate physical activity. If you join the Biosynomics team, be prepared to watch your health improve.

For more information on how to get involved, contact us.