At Biosynomics, health is the guiding theme for all that we do.

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Follow Dr. Randall Reiserer's musings about health topics, from mental and physical health to the health of ecosystems.

Dr. Reiserer defines health as the optimal functioning of integrated systems, so health concepts can apply to anything from clocks and cars to brains and biomes. Of course, the systems he focuses on are biological.

Biological systems are mind-bendingly complex, having evolved over billions of years, and they are finely tuned to the conditions that have dominated throughout Earth's history. Today, we are altering the context of living systems by introducing non-natural compounds into the environment, chemicals that life has not evolved to cope with.

These health blogs will explore the interactions between foods, toxins, and organisms, exposing the bare facts about the health of humans and the biological systems we depend on. Along the way Dr. Reiserer will expload myths about health and nutrition and cover topics that are crucial to understand in the modern world.


Food for Life

Join Dr. Randall Reiserer in a conversation about food. Explored from the perspective of an evolutionary biologist, food, he contends, is fundamental to our wellbeing and modern food has changed us dramatically. Dr. Reiserer argues that many of the health problems we face today start on the farm, get worse in the factory, and end up on our tables and in the mouths of our children. We are in the midst of a worldwide health crisis, with chronic inflamatory diseases at an all-time high. Diseases like autism are on the rise, but our healcare system has turned a blind eye, claiming that we are just better at diagnosing the disease, all the while ignoring the fact that the older generations are virtually free of such developmental disorders.

When it comes to food, Dr. Reiserer asserts, we have sacrificed quality and safety for convenience and we are paying the price. This blog is meant to be a conversation, so comments and ideas are encouraged. The science is not all in, but enough can be said to make such an exploration worth embarking on.